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synthesystem asked:

I honestly can't remember if I've said this before but your art is AMAZING and I smile every time it pops up on my dash.

Thank you so much!!!! <33 I wish I remembered to post on here more often (:>

wanted to make an oc based off a deity so! here's my take on Tonatiuh

drew a little pinup banner for one of my accounts

Alastor! the initial sketch got lots of attention so I rendered it

might start drawing Arde and their kids more - still inconclusive

based on this tumblr post: X

been a while since I posted on here so I'll upload a few things before I start adding to my queue! or check out my twitter to see everything now! @ temporalcatnip

firey lad

there's an alternate of this over on my new twitter! (18+)

you ever just feel like turning into a blob of nothing but wings and eyes?

made a handful of oc refs for artfight! the rest are in the queue to post soon.